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 Automotive V-belts are used in the transmission of generators, fans, water pumps, air compressors and power steering systems, etc. They are divided into single-sided and double-sided V-belts according to the transmission mode.
ALEVO belt body is made of imported high quality synthetic neoprene or EPDM rubber, with a variety of rubber auxiliary materials for different purposes.

The neoprene multi-wedge belt has certain cold and heat resistance, its flex resistance and aging resistance, ozone resistance are better than the general unsaturated rubber, good oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical stability, after adding short fiber reinforcement, can withstand higher lateral pressure, reduce the deformation after the force.

EPDM rubber multi-wedge belt is better in ozone aging resistance, weather resistance, heat aging resistance, and its electrical insulation performance, chemical corrosion resistance, impact elasticity is better (in low temperature elasticity retention performance is better).

The skeleton material is high quality core wire of different materials to provide better power transmission effect, high modulus low shrinkage wire/aramid wire to reduce the elongation of the belt at high speed, and high strength elastic wire to optimize the wheel system.

The back of the belt is protected by glossy corner fabric, whose flexible top layer fabric can improve the lateral stiffness of the belt and protect the core wire and withstand the friction of the tensioning pulley under high speed and high temperature environment



ALEVO automotive synchronous belt raw materials are imported materials, international leading technology formula, manufactured in strict accordance with technical specifications, with long service life, low noise, complete specifications and other characteristics.

The main material of the belt body is high quality synthetic neoprene (CR) or hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR).

Neoprene can be used in the working environment of 120and below for a long time; its aging resistance is good (especially ozone resistance); chemical stability is good: in addition to strong oxidizing acid, it is resistant to the erosion of general chemicals; good fire and water resistance. 

Hydrogenated nitrile rubber has very low oil swelling resistance, excellent oil resistance, good durability, its dynamic wear resistance is better than neoprene, can reduce noise, effectively prolong the service life of the product, is the first choice of drive belts for medium and high-end cars. Synchronous belt made of hydrogenated nitrile rubber can work under the condition of -40℃~+150. Its durability can be increased by more than 1.5 times, bandwidth reduced by 20%, and heat resistance increased by 10. Therefore, in terms of fatigue life and water resistance, they are better than synchronous belts made of neoprene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene.



Cutting edge type V-belt (toothed V-belt) adopts special formula and technology, which has better performance of heat resistance, oil, wear and aging, bottom noise and long service life.

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